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Has international football lost its appeal?

Hearing the news that the England manager had resigned would a few years ago have inspired more of a reaction from me than ‘oh, really.’ However, hearing the news that Fabio Capello had quit his post today led to just that response.

I can understand why Capello has quit- after all the FA have publicly undermined him by removing the captaincy from John Terry without consulting him first. Surely the manager should be involved in such talks? Although it is quite clear what was said by Terry in his exchange with Anton Ferdinand, he is technically innocent until proven guilty, so I believe Capello has the right to challenge the decision. If he was consulted before Bernstein made the decision, perhaps he wouldn’t have questioned the decision quite so boldly, leading him to possibly breach the terms of his contract.

Harry Redknapp was today the bookies’ favourite to succeed Capello after being found not guilty for his tax evasion charges. However, he is on the up with Tottenham Hotspurs at the minute and is probably unlikely to want to leave his post completely until at least the end of the season. I wouldn’t be disappointed if Redknapp was appointed, but I’m not one of the many people who are desperate for him to fill Capello’s rather empty shoes.

So who do I want to be the next England manager? The worrying point is, I don’t even really care. Over the past couple of years I’ve lost more and more interest in the football team of England. I’ve watched them anxiously though hopefully in the last few international competitions, and all I’ve come away with is disappointment- not only in the fact that their potential is never achieved, but for the fact that at least 50% of the players have lacked the pride and ambition required to succeed in international football. If the players can’t be arsed to play to win, then I can’t be arsed to muster up the energy to support them. There have been players in the England squad who are heroes in their national teams, though when it comes to playing together they’re not much better than a League Two team.  They may win games, but their style of play has lacked energy and spark, leading to tedious, boring matches that are hardly worth watching. The cost of tickets to watch England play at Wembley are beyond belief- I would rather pay £8 or so to watch a non-league team who at least play with some kind of passion and excitement.

Forget international football, I’ll stick to the premiership, thanks.


One thought on “Has international football lost its appeal?

  1. I can understand how you feel. People often lose faith in their national team ’cause they want it to be perfect but in the end, when the whistle blows in an international tournament such as Euro or the FIFA World Cup, we do get involved and want to believe again, our biggest hopes re-appear and we get caught in the middle. Look at Spain for instance, years and years of having extraordinary players achieving nothing, until last Euro. It was their turn then, whose turn is it now? Germany? Netherlands? England??? Who knows? You might get a pleasant surprise in the summer.

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