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High Street v Designer

For some strange reason, I have spent this evening browsing designer wear on sites such as Net-a-Porter. It started earlier on in the hairdressers’ when I was reading a relatively recent copy of Marie Claire and came across a rather lovely sequined silvery white dress. I thought to myself, ooh that’s nice, and then looked to see where it was from. It was a Chanel dress costing a cool £7,288. I nearly fell off my swivelling chair!

I have searched high and low on Google for this dress, but I just cannot seem to find it anywhere, and am starting to think it was some kind of imaginary omen. I have mixed feelings about designer wear. Obviously, like most other females I would love to be able to buy these luxury brands. I have found dresses, shoes, bags today that I almost drooled over. But then again, I found things that were priced at £80 yet looked like they were from a supermarket clothes range.

I started to wonder whether some people bought designer clothes purely for their high profile brands. Here is an example. This Sabeen jersey t-shirt costs £165.

The Row

What exactly sets this t-shirt apart from a £6 Primark version other than it’s designer profile? No matter how well off you are, I personally think you are mad if you can justify spending this amount of money on this kind of product. Also, I often find that sometimes the High Street version of an item of clothing can be nicer than it’s designer inspiration.

Take for example this D&G £390 scarf print dress.


Now I would argue that this £60 Warehouse scarf print dress is just as amiable, if not prettier.

Placement Scarf Silk Shift Dress.

Maybe that’s just my opinion..

However, there are some things the High Street just cannot beat for me:


Gianmarco Lorenzi, £1,489

Image 1

Christian Louboutin, £1,195


Mulberry, £795


Chloé, £1,125

Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs, £760

The list could go on and on and on.

During my lusting over Net-a-Porter I came across these Olympia Le-Tan clutches, and as an English student I think they would be perfect for graduation!

Olympia Le-Tan Olympia Le-Tan Olympia Le-Tan Olympia Le-Tan

Then again, at £955 a pop perhaps I’ll be giving them a miss!

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One thought on “High Street v Designer

  1. Ahhhhh!!! Love those clutches – I want one!

    I am certainly not someone who buys top-end clothes regularly. I have found, however, that certain brands that cost more (not astronomical designer brands, just nicer department stores) than other chain brands, DO wear a little better and suffer from less “pilling”, etc (a personal pet peeve). Best case scenario is finding a “quality” piece in a thrift store or estate sale (once you get over the whole “I wear dead people’s clothing” bit – ha ha).

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