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BBC’s The Voice

As if X Factor and Britain’s Got Talent wasn’t enough, the UK now have a new talent show, The Voice, to look forward to on BBC One on a Saturday night.
It’s slightly like X Factor in the fact that it is a music show, though there is a twist. The solo artist performs to the judges, Sir Tom Jones, Jessie J, Will.I.Am and Danny O’Donoghue (of Irish band The Script) however the judges are faced towards the audience, and cannot see what the performer looks like.

If the judges like what they hear, then they push a button and are turned in their chair to face the artist. If none of the other judges push the button, then they “win” the performer and become their mentor in the next stage. If more than one judge chooses the act, the act must choose which judge they would like to mentor them. Judges are assigned to ten singers, and if no judges push the button then the act must leave the show.

It sounds more complicated than it really is. From the first episode I get the impression that it is for singers that perhaps do not have enough confidence in their appearance or their age to enter other talent shows, as they are judged purely by their singing voices rather than what they look like. (In other words, Michelle McManus or Rik Waller would probably have fitted in great with this show)

The one thing I liked about the show is the fact that it is on the BBC, and unlike the ITV shows we are not interrupted by 5-minute-long advertising breaks. The show’s format makes a refreshing change after the long years of the other talent shows, which quite frankly are becoming very tedious.

However, I did have some problems with the show. Will.I.Am’s persistent name-dropping and promises to make the act successful in every country in the entire world, because apparently he is that great. Then there was Sir Tom Jones, who persistently played the “I am a music legend I’ve been around for a few centuries” card. And Jessie J who insisted on pushing the button with every part of her body for dramatic effect.

Although it may keep me relatively “entertained” for a little while on a Saturday night, I can’t say I’m blown away by it. Although in the absence of the X Factor, it does give me something to whinge about!


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