Lauren Goodger- The fly I’d love to swat

Recently, far too much magazine and newspaper space has been designated to ‘The Only Way is Essex’s Lauren Goodger for my liking. I am repeatedly seeing headlines stating things like: ‘Lauren: I am sick of being fat’ or ‘I hate my body’ and so on. When Lauren was dating Mark Wright, she was a size 10-12 although when they split she claimed that he repeatedly told her to lose weight, as the public like their ‘celebrities’ to be slim and sexy. Obviously, as a woman this would be a horrible thing for your partner to say to you, and I sympathise with the girl. I also understand that she may have body woes. Since splitting from Mark, she has gone from a 10/12 to a size 14, and is larger than many of her ‘TOWIE’ co-stars. Most women are uncomfortable with some aspect of their body image, and would like to change it. They may even complain to those nearest and dearest regularly.

However, these women, unlike Lauren Goodger, do not earn a living from celebrity interviews in magazines about how they are uncomfortable with their weight. Earlier this month, Lauren said in an interview, ‘I’m desperate to lose weight, but slurs drive me to junk food.’ This self-pitying interview, along with it’s ‘please-feel-sorry-for-poor-me’ photograph really angered  me. It’s horrible to read nasty comments on Twitter, but surely they should spur you on?

Lauren Goodger

Lauren Goodger

I pose two questions to Lauren. Firstly, you are more well-off than most people. If you are so uncomfortable with your appearance, why not do something about it? You can afford a gym membership, healthier low-fat food, and perhaps even a personal trainer. Instead of bugging me with your whiney interviews, get up and work for the body you want.

Secondly, if you are so uncomfortable with yourself, why are you happily frolicking on your recent holiday in front of paparazzi when you know the vast majority of the UK will see the photographs when they are published in the papers? Yes, you should not feel the need to cover yourself up and you should be confident in yourself, but if it gets you down so much you would have no confidence to do so.

Lauren shouldn’t use her weight issues as a publicity stunt. I know I’m not the only person who is getting increasingly irritated with these publicity stunts. There are plenty of girls who would like to have her figure, size 14 or not, but if she’s unhappy with it then she needs to do something about it!

Splashing around: The TOWIE star let her hair down as she wrapped up her beach getaway by topping up her tan in the metallic two-piece

She’s managed it before, perhaps she can do it again!


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