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Ten reasons to start blogging

Although I’ve started up quite a few blogs in recent years, this blog is the only one I’ve managed to stick with continuously. By encouraging myself to post something every day if possible, even if it’s something tiny, I’ve been able to stick to it, and enjoy it very much. Here are ten reasons why:

1) I get to give my opinion and point of view of topics that are identifiable worldwide.

2) I have a larger scope to voice this opinion than other networks such as Facebook or the 140-character limited Twitter.

3) I get to give a little bit about me back to the world wide web. I can offer my personal contributions to others.

4) I get to practice writing and researching (handy for my degree)

5) Future employers get a closer look into me and my skills on a more personal rather than professional level.

6) I can write my blog from almost anywhere. Being able to blog from my smartphone or my iTouch or my PC allows me to do this.

7) I can share things that I am passionate about in order to teach other people about them, which perhaps leads to them pursuing a similar kind of interest.

8 ) A blog is a fantastic marketing tool. If you have a product or idea you would like to promote or present then this is the way to do it.

9) You can argue that blogging improves your confidence in a way that public speaking does. By putting your voice out there you are exposing yourself to criticism and opposite opinion. Over time you will become used to this and will have developed confidence in yourself and your beliefs.

10) It’s a great way to pass time. Reading other people’s blogs can be entertaining whilst being somewhat educational. Using this experience in your own blog can be equally entertaining and thought provoking.


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