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Things I hate that everyone else seems to love

There are some things in this world that I’m not crazy about, that everyone else seem to love. Whether I’m just a weirdo or not I don’t know, but I wonder whether anyone else agrees with me. Here are some of them:
1) Ugg boots. Especially the fake kind from your local Primark, over-worn to the point where they slouch to one side and squeak as the owner walks alone. I know that Uggs are comfortable and they make great slippers, but do they really look good? And as for the male Uggs who in their right mind would wear them? The only exception I’ll make it’s baby or young children Uggs as they are rather cute.


2) Tattoos. I really don’t understand the obsession with tattoos. 9/10 times you will get older and despise the design you chose to be cool when you were younger. People who get their other half’s names tattooed on them are asking for trouble – what happens if they split? I just don’t see the point or the attraction.


3) McDonald’s. Couldn’t think of anything worse than eating a burger or nuggets from McDonalds. The last time I did I got myself a mouthful of gristle. I’m partial to a McFlurry but think I’ll avoid the ground up leftover trotters!


4) The Only Way is Essex. Actually soul destroying. I refuse to believe that human beings can actually be so thick! To me there’s nothing entertaining about their larger than life egos and annoying voices.


5) Wine. To be honest I wish this wasn’t the case. When people say they are having a nice glass of wine to chill out and relax I wish I actually liked the stuff.



7 thoughts on “Things I hate that everyone else seems to love

  1. I am with u ๐Ÿ™‚ ! dont like those things either ๐Ÿ™‚ oh and yes dont like smoke , cig and stuff

  2. I cannot fathom the rationale for spending $200 on UGG boots, just so they can smell like roadkill a month later — people HAVE to sweat in those. I especially think that this would be a problem for all of those “famous” women who wear them with shorts in 80 degree LA weather!

  3. urgh hate Uggs so much, in dublin girls wear them with slouchy grey tracksuit bottoms and bright orange tan…why?! it’s hideous…

  4. I agree mostly, but most definitely not with the wine….I’m sure I could find wines you’d like, but more interesting are the infinite varieties of wine and food pairings, especially where they make on another better. I believe that iIf you like food, there are wines you’ll like to.

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